Monday, May 14, 2012

Excellent Summer Party

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nanban Exclusive comedy

Friday, June 10, 2011

It Just works - Steve Jobs introduces iCloud

It just works, Steve jobs unveiled the Cloud services. I can see his health is not good because he was affected with pancreatic cancer.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Voucabulary of the day

  1. Solicitor - A person who deals with laws similar to lawyer
  2. Stern - Very serious and unwillingness. (He always looks like stern)
  3. Dissuade - Giving wrong advice (His friends tried to dissuade him from flying)
  4. Apprehensive - Anxious or fearful (I always find apprehensive when talking to strange persons)
  5. Cynical - Distrustful ( He gave a cynical laugh)
  6. Deprive - Denying (She tried to deprive me)
  7. Optimistic - Hopeful and Confident about future (He was very optimistic character)
  8. Sparse - Thinly dispersed or scattered (Very sparse of record)
  9. Bursaries - Scholarship to attend college (We got bursaries to study in UK)
  10. Waive - Give away ( He will waive all rights to his money)
  11. Collateral - Situated side by side (Collateral Veins)
  12. guarantor - Giving guarantee to anyone
  13. Menace - Annoying or threatening (I tried to menace for her activity)
  14. Arsenic - Chemical element (steel-gray metalloid)
  15. Depleting - Getting reducing (Stocks are getting depleted soon today).
  16. Harass - Aggressive pressure - torture (He tried to harass her girl friend)
  17. Hazard - Danger (It was very hazard to make money through online business)
  18. Dump - A collection of content (A collection of garbage)
  19. Curb - Stop (Restrain -a horse). (He tried to curb his temper)
  20. Stake - Strong piece or Sharp end
  21. erupt - Outcome (Hot lava erupted from the crust)
  22. goon - fool
  23. molest - Harass (esp. with women)
  24. Anxiety - Fear or nervous
  25. Deserted - empty of people
  26. Kiosk - A small shop or Window opened to take newspaper or money from ATM
  27. Cognitive - Acquiring knowledge
  28. Possession - Trying to control