Friday, August 29, 2008

Tamil Radio Gadget

Today I'm Releasing Tamil Radio Gadget Version 1.0, If you are a blogger you can add this gadget to your blog . You can see my gadget on Right side of my blog. I'm Currently releasing for Windows Operating System works fine for both Firefox browser and Internet Explorer. If you Can't see media player in Firefox browser click here to install plugin for firefox browser.

Click Here to add this Gadget to Your Blog/Website

Delay Messages in Live Messenger

When i was teaching to my friend from Malaysia about how to install Photoshop, I used to have teamviewer to view my friend's desktop and to show her how to install Photoshop in her system
mean while she asked some doubts via Live Messenger and when i was clearing her doubts i noticed some slow message delivery in both the ends. After installing i said to her that i have installed Photoshop and done but the message delivered wrongly the message which I've typed delivered last and message which I've typed first delivered last to her you can see here a photo copy which captured via teamviewer.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

IE 8 Beta 2 Released

Microsoft released their latest Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 with advanced features

Download Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2

Google Tricks and hacks

Searching URL's

allinurl : allinurl command used to search particular string.

Eg : Go to Google and enter the "allinurl:wwwboard/passwd.txt" you can find
many results with containing a string inside the file passwd.txt.
username:password (password is encrypted using DES crypto and can be cracked using john the ripper) "WWWBOARD" is a CGI message board which saves it's password by default in a filename called "passwd.txt".

allinurl:passwd.txt Shows passwd.txt and it contents in


It will show config.txt file contains about configuration settings and admin settings from
those geographical domain.

Searching for Index browsing enabled directories

Try these out this in google:

"Index of /admin"
"Index of /secret"
"Index of /cgi-bin"

Searching for partcular file types

filetype:.doc classified

searching for classified millitary documents

intitle:"axis video server"

intitle quoted with content shows the result of quoted content.

About Me

I'm Karthikeyan from Tamilnadu Finished my degree in kongu Engineering College.

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