Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rajapakse Says no Equal Rights to Tamils

Cruel Rajapakase and his Govt killed 20,000 Tamil civilians in the last days of the war as reported on Times online, in their traditional home land. Congress Govt. in India also supports this kind of activity and says it is a war against LTTE and does 20,000 people are LTTE ? !

In this video Rajapakse says that he will discuss with Tamil leaders in Sri Lanka, to make necessary changes for Tamils life in Sri Lanka. But recently(after War is ended) Sri Lankan Tamil M.P's came to Chennai and visited Mr.Karunanidhi (Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu)and asked help to solve this problem.

It's clear Tamil M.P's in Sri Lanka has no belief on Rajapakse's speech and how he can co-ordinate with Tamil M.P's and leaders to solve this issue ?

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